UNSTOPABLE: Nothing can stop the Tahan River to flow since 130 million years ago

During the British colonial, the forest was reserved and named as King George V National Park.

  Saw the precious of the forest, the law had prohibit the people to hunt the animals in the forest.
  The 4343km2 reserved forest area consist of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan was now had been the world heritage reserve forest by UnitedNations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
  To enter the reserve forest, one can choose by using main road or river.

  Visitors who did not wanted to waste their holiday can choose main road which just taking less than three hours during the off-peak travel season.

  But they will see several lorries brought out log and will only saw palm estate.

  For those who wanted to see the flora and fauna as well as Orang Asli (Bateq community) village along the river side can use boat.

  The river road was taking 3 hours to arrived at Kuala Tahan jetty from Ulu Tembeling.

  It was lucky for visitors who can see King Cobra at the river side or watch the fish swimming besides the boat during their way to the Kuala Tahan.

  Not knowing much about the history of Kuala Tahan, the elders still can remember their ancestors named the river as 'Tahan' because nothing can stop the river from flowing.
  "There was an incident where a huge tree was fallen perpendicularly across the river and stopped the flows," says Kamalrudin Awang Teh, 67.
  "However, the next day the tree was not there anymore and the river flow as usual. As river manage to overcome (bertahan) from any consiquences, the mountain where the river start also named as Tahan mountain."

  The grocery store owner who has worked as 'Mando' (forest guard) also said there are so many changes when the government hired the people to watch the 130 million years old forest.

  "At previous time the 'Pos' (guard house) just taken care by three peoples. Nowadays there are many but they cannot stand to stay more than a week at that place.

  "We have been there for three months before we can back home and see our children.
Remembering the past time, he said there are a lot of deers, elephants and other wild animals that people can see and feed them.

  "But now we just see a few of it.

  He said it is either it has been hunted or ran away to other places.

  On 2014, a massive floods had attacks the area.  Most of the chalet owner and hoteliers lost millions Ringgit of Malaysia.

  However, it has not stop them to took care the forest and continue their business to promoting Eco-tourism.
  He added after the massive floods, the tourism industrial players and the area communities had to face several problems.
  "The phone line was sometimes no coverage especially internet and the water supply was not cleaned.
  "The floods had submerged the water filter down the river bed and we have used the untreated water from the mountain.
  "This has resulted complaints from foreigners and visitors here. Our children also affected as they fallen sick due to the water disease.

  We hope the authorities could do some initiative to save the Eco-tourism industry and the community at Kuala Tahan.

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