Kuala Tahan Trip at Han RainForest Resort

Most travellers to Kuala Tahan are usually drawn to the multitude of palm plantation distractions that the estate has to offer when heading to National Park using tarmac road.
  However, to see flora and fauna from A to Z, tourist can choose by using river when having a short holiday or unleashing the “inner child” when saw wild tapir and deers, there are many best kept secrets waiting to be explored, especially by nature and outdoor lovers.
  So here we are, after the massive floods strike the Kuala Tahan in the end of 2014 and get tourist responds about the area.
  Together with several other travel and lifestyle bloggers, we will get a chance to experience one of the country’s heritage and where life moves at a slower pace.
  The monsoon season just end in Malaysia and it is a bit hot. But the temperature is just perfect for outdoor activities.
  And better way to discover these attractions is to be accompanied by local people, Wan Abu Bakar Wan Awang, who was also called as 'Tok Batin' for most of the Orang Asli here.
  From our accommodation at the Han Rainforest Resort in Kuala Tahan ,where we stay for three nights, we will commute in a boat and four-wheeled drive vehicles.
  As this is my second visit to Kuala Tahan after the massive floods, I want to experience the nature and see the wildlife like in Discovery Channel and National Geographic which I have watched as a child.


After spend three hours from Kuala Lumpur to the jetty, we having our lunch after it was an array of dishes served for us.
  A banner written in English and Malay as well as maps of National Park at the main entrance of the Ulu Tembeling jetty instantaneously triggers thought of the Tarzan  and You'll Be In My Heart song by Phil Collins and Zainal Abidin.
   The long upgraded-traditional boat which can commute 15 person was waiting for us at the jetty.
  It was my maiden try heading to Kuala Tahan by using boat which it takes another three hours, it seems to take forever. 
  Somehow, I had to resist the temptation of the comforting breeze from taking a nap and was instead presented with scenic views of rows of trees with mountains in the background.
  It was a lucky day for me because I saw iridescent shark fish swimming beside our boat and a King Cobra snake at the sandbar.
  I was creating a dialog of the fishes and the snake which is, "Welcome to National Park."
  As the boat docks, I notice fishing rafts
and hatcheries. Just before we begin our
stroll, we also pass by a kind of house with yellow roof which collapsed during the 2014 massive floods.

  When arrived we were not stopped at the jetty but at a floating restaurant, Mawar Floating Restaurant which owned by Han Rainfoerst Resort, before have to walk on a small brigde to the mainland.
  When I taking a picture and wanted to upload in Instagram, I realise that there was no intermet connection. It was lucky there was a wi-fi at the restaurant but I have to pay RM10.
  Interestingly at these restaurants, we can see the Mutiara Resort across the river.
  Apart from the day-trippers, I also saw several houses at the river side which owned by Orang Asli from Batek community.

  According to Bakar, most of the Batek community does not stay long in the same place and those still around are either contributing to the tourism industry or there are nobody died in their family.


  The Family Package that we are taking is the cheapest which is only RM800 per person, suitable for visitors who wanted to come to the National Park with their family members whose more than four  people.
   Children and the elderly can be brought here too as the activities was not as rough as we needed to hike the Tahan Mount.
  In the package only requires night jungle walk to see the nocturnal insects, canopy walk, rapid shooting, visiting Orang Asli settlements, spending time at Lata Berkoh and Kelah Fish Sanctuary and Night Jungle Safari.

  The time taken to each avitivities area was taking time from 30 minutes to 2 hours. And each of the activities was takig up to one hour.


  The first night after check in in the hotel and clean up ourselves, we across the Tembeling river to the Mutiara resort for our night jungle walk.
  Each of us was prepared with headlamp.
  Reaching at the Mutiara Resort we was welcomed by a wildlife tapir which was eating a watermelon.
  Not need to worry when walking during the nightwalk as the fiber rambling pathway has been built. Perhilitan worker will guide the tourist during this activity.
  There are so many insects can be seen such as several types grasshoppers, spiders, stick insects (Phasmatidae) and scorpions.
  If lucky we can see a spider that ate bird which it size was as huge as adult's face.
  In our trip, we coudn't see such spider but we saw a couple of Yellow Vented Bulbul birds.


We crossed the river in early morning to see the scenic view of the National Park at more 45m height.
  The 500m canopy walk was great.
  The rule is simple, please not hold anything during walking at the canopy walk or you will feel uncomfortable.


  After the long canopy walk, visitors can choose to hike Teresek Hill.
  At the peak, we can see the Tahan Mount from there.
  Saw the distance of the Tahan Mount makes us wanted to hike the mountain which takes six days. Three days go and three days back.
  Heading back to our boat, the Bakar asked us to kept our things in a black plastic bag. Without asking much we obey his order.
  Once the boat started to move, we been scared as we do not know what his agenda.
  Suddenly, a boat from behind came and shoot the water to us.
  And now we realise that was meant by rapid shooting.
  Nobody can escape from that. Almost 30 minutes the game of shooting water then we moved to Orang Asli settlement.
  Here we had opportunity to learn how the aboriginal community survived in the forest since hundreds thousands years ago.
  Nomading is their lifestyle, and we learn how to make the 'sumpit' and start the fire using rattan meranti.
  We also have opportunity to learn more about the Bateq community.
  They have a lot of taboo. The hey cannot simply cook in the kitchen.
  If the kitchen was used to cook chicken, it cannot be used to cook fish. They need to build another kitchen.
  If not, all the family members will be dies. To break the taboo, the wrong doers need to spare their blood at the kitchen.


Taking boat for 30minues to Lata Berkoh will makes you feels in heaven. The view was so incredible and fascinating.
  Bakar said during dry season they need to push the boat to the downhill of the Lata Berkoh. We feel lucky as no need to do that.
  Just need to walk about 15 minutes to Lata Berkoh. The riverwater was so cold.
  However, there was a sign warns us that the whirlpool and stron current. So we did not swim far from the river side.

  Then we going to Kelah Fish Sanctuary. Actually we has been there becaise it was the half way to Lata Berkoh.
  Hundred or maybe thousands of Kelah fish was there. Small medium and large size can be seen.
  Those who wanted to feed the fish can buy the fish food at the sanctuary for RM2 per bottle.

  After having dinner, we are asked to wait the the resort entrance for Night Jugle Safari.
  Looking for the wildlife animals at night on the four wheel drive vehicles at the secondary forest. The forest was not at the National Park but at Kuala Tahan. 
  Just like in Jurrasic Park movie. We just sitting at the 4WD back and watch deers and boars. Maybe not much animals were going out during our trip.


Feels sad need to leave the resort too early. The time goes by very fast. Heading back to Kuala Lumpur makes us feels insufficient oxygen.
  The breeze, mist and the trip will be remembered in our mind even some of the activities pictures cannot be taken.
  However the cheapest trip at Kuala Tahan by Han Rainforest Resort was so fascinating amd interesting.
  All accomodation, services and foods was good and suitable with the prices.
  Surely I will be back to Kuala Tahan for more activities.

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