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Don't know how to promote your chalet/products/services to China?

All of us know that China has blocked Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, etc. But there is a platform which you can promote your pproducts to Chinese netizen.

It is WEIBO!!

Weibo is a microblog site in China which a mix of Facebook and Twitter for Chinese which play as important role of media and information sharing platform in China.
Weibo is a

It is also the largest and most influential public social media in China. The statistic shows that 73 percent of China Online users using Weibo.

*Of course you need to use Chinese language to promote your product using Weibo.

Since China produced 109 million outbound tourists in 2015 (with retail spend of $229 billion), world tourism destinations are expected to see nearly 6million visits by Chinese tourists during 2016 CNY Season.

Hey! Malaysia is one of the TOP 10 favourite destination of Chinese travellers (Malaysia at No 9).

Here is the reason why Malaysian Tourism industrial player should have Weibo account.

The WEIBO TRAVELLERS STATISTICS shows that Weibo has 45.74 million frequent travellers.

This statistics were taken after 547million travel destination had been mention by Weibo users, 13.9 million travel destination check-ins, 133 million travel searches on Weibo.


As mentioned above, Malaysia is in the top 10  favourite destination of Chinese travellers.

Here is the way to get market from WEIBO.

1. Apply for Corporate Official Weibo Account
2. Become public & interact with users
3. Tell stories, promotion and activities
4. Turn Users become consumers

Maybe some of you will asked what is "Official Account" and why must have it.

This account is to present users and corporate as genuine and trustworthy account and it is the first step for Weibo and Chinese Users to recognize you.

The benefit of applying Weibo Official Account is:

1. Increase account reliaability, more engagement
2. Priority ranking in search results
3. Own official page with corporate functions
4. Only official account allowed to advertise on Weibo

So, to all TOURISM INDUSTRIAL PLAYER, take this chance to promote your products.

The upcoming China Main Long Holiday Season in 2016:

4th June - 12th June (Dumpling Festival)
10th September - 18th Septembber (Mooncake Festival)
24th September - 9th October (National Holiday)
24th December - 1st January 2017 (Year End Holiday)

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