The Story of A Fisherman and Stupid FishBy: Khairul Iskandar Bin Tajuddin

A long ime ago, in a village there is a fisherman who always cursed the fish he catch "stupid".
Everytime he went to fishing, he will said "This fish is stupid. Even I came here everyday. They still opened their mouth to eat my bait."
Without realising his action could reduce the fish at the area. He keep fishing.
Few days later, when he went to fishing. There is no fish eat his bait.
He waited until dawn, but still no fish ate his bait.
Since that day, he always stress and don't want to eat anything.
"I want to eat fish from that area only. Because all the fish at that place is stupid," said the fisherman.
At the end, he died starving.
The End.
The moral value of this story is:
1. The stupid fish has sacrifice its life to make the fisherman keeps alive. Don't take something for granted.
2. The fisherman is more stupider than the fish. He should breed the fish to eat. Not only fishing.
I add some at the story told to me. Out there, people just blame the fish, but they did not see what will happened to them without the fish that they called "Stupid Fish".

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