#Cinema: "You Before Me". I hate it but I loved it.

Everything that comes in our live have its own reason. Don't feel sad when bad things happen to you. Those who leave you behind sometimes they failed to feel the thing that you experienced. At least you can feel the pain and you had find the cure for it.
Go! Go as far as you can! Don't let others keep you at the same place. Don't be too down to earth.
This movies had made me crying in the cinema. Will Traynor. Why must you choose to die? I really hope that you will give me an inspiration instead of choosing to die. We are in the same route, but in different lane. I have choose to continue my life and give inspiration to other people. Even I don't know what would happen to me in future.
To Louisa Clark character, life is tough. sometimes life can be so cruel to us. Your characteristic can be example to our next generation. There is a lot of thing that should be learned from her character.
I really hope that I can read "You Before Me" novel. I want to know more detail of this movie.
So guys, go to cinema now and watch it.
Here is the synopsis from the novel that is take from wikipedia.

Twenty-six-year-old Louisa Clark lives with her working-class family. Unambitious and with few qualifications, she feels constantly outshone by her younger sister, Treena, an outgoing single mother. Louisa, who helps support her family, loses her job at a local cafe. She goes to the Job Centre and, after several failed attempts, is offered a unique employment opportunity: help care for Will Traynor, a successful, wealthy, and once-active young man who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident two years earlier. Will's mother, Camilla, hires Louisa despite her lack of experience, believing Louisa can brighten Will's spirits. Louisa meets Nathan, who cares for Will's medical need, and Will's father, a friendly upper-class businessman whose marriage to Camilla is strained.

Louisa and Will's relationship starts out rocky due to his bitterness and resentment over being disabled. Their relationship worsens after Will's ex girlfriend, Alicia, and best friend Rupert reveal that they are getting married. Under Louisa's care, Will gradually becomes more communicative and open-minded as they share experiences together. Louisa notices Will's scarred wrists and later overhears his mother and sister discussing how he attempted suicide shortly after Camilla refused his request to end his life through Dignitas, a Swiss-based assisted suicide organization. Horrified by his attempt, Camilla promised to honour her son's wish, but only if he agreed to live six more months. Camilla intends to prove that, in time, he will believe his life is worth living.

Louisa conceals knowing about Will and Camilla's agreement. However, she tells Treena, and together they devise ways that will help convince Will to abandon his death wish. Over the next few weeks, Will loosens up and lets Louisa shave his beard and cut his shaggy hair. Louisa begins taking Will on outings and the two grow closer.

Will and Louisa have frequent talks, and she learns that Will has travelled extensively; his favourite place is a cafe in Paris. Noticing how limited her life is and that she has few ambitions, Will tries to motivate Louisa to change. Louisa reveals that she was ganged raped as a teen, resulting in her reclusive nature and wariness of the world beyond her hometown.

Louisa continues seeing her longtime boyfriend, Patrick, though they eventually break up due to her relationship with Will. Meanwhile, Louisa's father loses his job, causing more financial difficulties. Fortunately, Mr. Traynor offers Mr. Clark a position. Louisa realises that Will is trying to help her secure her freedom from her family. The two attend Alicia and Rupert's wedding where they dance and flirt. Will tells Louisa that she is the only reason he gets up in the morning.

Louisa convinces Will to go on a holiday with her, but before they can leave, Will contracts near fatal pneumonia. Louisa cancel the plans for a whirlwind trip. Instead, she takes Will to the island of Mauritius. The night before returning home, Louisa tells Will that she loves him. Will says he wants to confide something, but she admits that she already knows about his plans with Dignitas. Will says their time together has been special, but he cannot bear to live in a wheelchair. He will be following through with his plans. Angry and hurt, Louisa storms off and does not speak to him for the remainder of the trip. When they return home, Will's parents are pleasantly surprised by his good physical condition. Louisa, however, resigns as his caretaker, and they understand that Will intends to end his life.

On the night of Will's flight to Switzerland, Louisa visits him one last time. They agree that the past six months have been the best in their lives. He dies shortly after in the clinic, and it is revealed that he left Louisa a considerable inheritance, meant to continue her education and to fully experience life. The novel ends with Louisa at a cafe in Paris, reading Will's last words to her in a letter, that tell her to 'live well'.

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