#Movie: Now You See Me 2

Hey... Do you know that magic is lying??? Your eyes will be easily cheated by the magician as they move their hands or gestures to make your eyes think it is amazing thing that can only be done by gifted people. In Now You See Me, they revealed that the way each magician do the tricks.
As example, for Now You See Me 2, I am attracted with the applications of Physics - Strobe Effect. It is the part when J. Daniel Atlas stop the water and move it freely in the air before returned it back to the sky.
Those who learned physics, you will know what is Strobe Effect. In this 2nd series of Now You See Me 2, J. Daniel Atlas apply this physics  it to change the frequency of a strobe light to make a periodic phenomenon (such as water drops falling or a wheel spinning) appear to occur at a different rate (or even backwards!)
I don't want to write much thing about this movie since it still new in the cinema. And I don't want to spoiled your eager to watch it after readin my write up. For this movie I give it 5 ☆☆☆☆☆.
The morals and the plots is the reason I give that ratings.
And before I forget, another I like when they use "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". So, to know who is enemy and who is friends in this movie. You must watch it in cinema.

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