#Movies: The Legend Continues In The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan has back to London and lived in Greystoke's manor as he was the last heir.
Not same as the previous Tarzan cartoon, Tarzan mostly called as John Clayton III (John) in this movie.
I was upset, why must John??? Hurmm maybe because he was the son of John Clayton II and Alice Clayton.
This movie has its own sentimental value. Love, revenge and greed had been brought up in this movie.
1. Chief Mbonga, an aborigins leader who wanted to kill Tarzan. Tarzan has killed Mbonga's only son after his son kill Tarzan's gorilla mother.
2. Leon Rom who was greedy to put his name in the eyes of the world by saved the country of Congo which lead by bankrupted king, King Leopold.
3. In the beginning, Tarzan had told Jane to not follow him to Africa as she just experienced abortion. And at the end of this movie, Jane safely deliver a baby.
4. In this movie also shows a fight between Tarzan and his gorilla brother, Akut. Akut had felt dissapointed to Tarzan when the latter had left Africa to London to continue the Greystoke's legacy.
These four I can tell you guys about this movie because I don't want to spoiled your eager to watch this movie at the cinema.

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