The Rebranding of MTC Still In Line With Its Original Purpose of Establishments

After through the re-branding process, the Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC), formerly known National Tourism Council of Malaysia (NTCM), expanding its initiatives to diversify the country's tourism industry.
On May 16, 1986 it had became an important body when the NTCM chaired by Musa Hitam, the former Deputy Prime Minister, has inspired the establishment of a governing body that became the voice for the tourism industry players.
30 years of experience, not a short period of time, has matured MTC as a credible body and have affiliates who are directly involved in the tourism industry.
Many contributions have been triggered as a result of MTC efforts.
The establishment of a Ministry for the development of the tourism industry is also the result of the call and the brainchild of MTC at the National Tourism Conference in 1986.
MTC has also urged the government to provide assisstance for the development of tourism from RM20 million in 1986 to RM100 million in the next year.
The establishment of Tourism Action Council in each states in Malaysia  has also been recommended by the MTC's view on the potential development of the tourism industry in the states.  Similarly with the various events and prgrams that important in the history of tourism.
MTC continues to excel as the backbone of the country's tourism industry as the result of the tirelessly efforts of all MTC members  in the fight for the country's tourism agenda.
After a year through the rebranding process, MTC had transformed and perform various activities which suitable with the recent tourism context. Among the activities involving the participation of affiliates such as Tourism Industry Night with the Prime Minister, Merapoh Forest Run, World HOST 2016, MITA Tourism Fair 2016, the MOU Delegation of MTC to Dubai for Arabian Travel Market 2016, KL Travel Photojournalism Workshop, among others that successfully held.
Recent plans that has been implemented such as  Celebration of 30 Years of MTC, the National Tourism Conference and established the National Tourism Foundation. This had been implemented starting the Celebration of 30 Years of MTC on last Saturday.
The importance is MTC is in line with its original purpose of being a consultative body on all matters relating to the travel agency as well as a consolidation of all national tourism voluntary organizations and NGOs. MTC has also work towards the elimination of any form of unfair competition among industry players and increase the value of integrity in travel arrangements. It is also in line with efforts to promote work ethics and transparent business practices and fair.

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