#Travel: Get Set For A Slashtacular Good Time at Malaysia Largest Family Edutainment Center at Johor Bahru.

Adventure Park
Malaysia Largest Family Edutainment Center at Johor Bahru.

Beyond the development of a city, there is a place that suitable for spending time with family out and in-door activities.

Choosing Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park as a place for vacation is an ideal choice to bring out your family.

It is year-round retreat for everyone in fun-filled setting because it has activities that cater for all ages, leaving your spoilt for choice!

Besides the adrenaline-filled activities from Water and Adventure Park, the family edutainment canter are also present an exciting range of sports and leissure indoor fun.

Start your family travel with chartering a bus from Kopetro  Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd.

Just taking three hours and thirty minutes from Malaysia Tourism And Information Center at Kuala Lumpur, was not a waste of time.

The bus prepared by Kopetro is so comfortable for you to have a rest and boost up your energy for extreme and family friendly activities at Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park.

To those who don't want to sleep, you can asked the driver to open anykind of movies. There is two screens in the bus. And there is wifi in the bus too. So, there is no excuse for you to say there is no internet connection during your journey.

The friendly and professional driver prepared by the travel company also can help you to hava a safe and comfortablre journey.

Spending almost four hours in bus including short stop at any rest and service area for breakfast and to washroom, arrived at the Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park at 10 am is the good time for you to experience all the activities prepared at the park.

You can choose to start at the water or adventure park.

As suggested by the operator, you should start by gear up your power with the indoor and outdoor adventure rope course.

There is extreme rope course featuring 51 different elements which take your more than an hour to complete the course. It is a worthy challenge for the bold and brave.

Pix by Afzalsukasuki

Among of it is Half Tic Tac Toe, Shufflle, Bonsun's Chair, Talloires Crossing,Half Criss Crossing, Chinese Crossing, Half Trapeze, Jungle Crossing and Spider's Web among others which takes you two hours to complete all the courses.

Then you can go for Indoor Trampoline Centre, "Ice-Skating" Rink,  and Drift Kart. This Sport and Leasure park is open to public from 10am to 10pm as it is located at the entrance of the Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park.

At the trampoline centre, you can merge your fitness and fun with family and friends as it one of the newest trend.

Tramnpoline workout is suitable both for fitness enthusiats for serious workout and acrobatic display as well as for children and amateurs for good humour fun. The introduction of Jump Street Austin Heights Trampoline Centre us solely for such purposes.


After jumping for almost one hour, you can then try "Ice-Skating" activities at the rink just besides the trampolince centre. It is truly cool for all of you. The rink is probably the first and the largest in Malaysia. Once enter the rink, you will not wait more times to lace up your skates and take to the rink and bring out the closet figure skating champion in you.

Bloggers playing around with the 'go-kart'
Later, the view from the upper level, the heart-pounding exitement of Tokyo Drift will play in your mind after saw Drift Kart. When drive the kart, the combination of the traditional 'go-kart' with drifting ability sensation will be felt at the park new Drift activities. The rule is simple, do not place your feet out of the car when whatever things happen during your drift.

Pix by: NrAisha Js

After all the activities, you can have your meal in the park with suitable price. Please do not missed to taste the foods there.

Pix by: Afzalsukasuki

After meals, it is the time to twirl and swirl into the inviiting cool water or simply laze around in the sun without feeling the scorching heat at the Water Park.

Pix by: Afzalsukasuki

Those with child, can bring your kids to "Hola-Flora" TOTs Play and Splash World to cool your toughts with the tots and give your little one to experience tons of fun.

Then the adults can try the Supersurf to scream all the way for the downhill race or Uphill Battle to raise your pulse like no other. Or try the Yellow Wall the master of thrill. If you ready for twirly, you can try the rainbow hood or try the G-Force Alley to make the words "I believe I can fly" comes true.

Pix by: Sayaiday

There is also Racer Bowl, Austin Wave Pool and Lazy River that you will not wanted to miss one of it.

Pix by: kitepunye.com

For those who feel tired with the activities, can spend time for dip, sleep and relax at Summer Breeze Bar or Tropical Cabana.

All those activities is suitable for a day family vacation. Some will feel one day is not enough to try all of it.


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