#Travel: Relaxing at Selayang Hot Spring

After working hour, surely you need some rest and some will prefer hanging around with friends.
However for me, I choose go to Selayang Hot Spring.

First, because it just take me 10 minutes from my home. If I used highway, it will me take another 5 minutes and needed to faced several traffic lights. So, I choose short cut. Hehe..

Few years back, visitors no need to pay for the parking and the hot spring was not operated well.
But now, everything has changed. You need to pay RM2 for car and RM0.50 for motorcycle per entrance.

Upon entering the Hot Spring, you will see there is toilet and food stalls. And there is place for you to relax after swimming (if you dare) or place your feet in the hot spring pond.

Decades ago, the hot spring was not managed well. And now the Selayang Municipal Council had managed it well.

The ponds, it has three ponds, used not have sleepers, and it is dangerous for kids. But now, it has. And surely visitors can sit while placing their feet in the and lying on the pond sleepers.

There is also tree gazebos at the hot spring. One day I want to sleep here and spend a night and swim in the pond early in the morning.

Three ponds means three level of hotness. The small one is very hot, medium sized is warmed and the large one is between hot and warm. Back to previous years many people came and swim at the medium sized pond rather than the large and small sized ponds. And there is moss in the pond that used by visitor to rub it at body and face. The moss is believed good for skin treatment. And today the moss is nowhere to be seen.

If you have time, come and try the hot spring here. If from Kuala Lumpur, you just need 45 minutes by car to arrived here.

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