#Travel: Spent Time At Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua

I used to travel all around the nation during my time as a part time journalist at The New Straits Times Press (M) Sdn Bhd.
However, since my mom asked me stop travelling too far few months ago, I stop being a journalist and find another job that not require me to travel (a clerk).
Too sad, it does not last longer because my passion to travel still haunted me. So, I quit that job to be a private tutor and tuition teacher which just need me to work only two hours per day.
The rest of the time I spent by tra el around my home area and tried to fine something that is interesting and suitable for others to visit especially without need to spend too much money on it.
The first few weeks I spent my time alone at home without doing nothing (after finish home work and send my little sister to school and teaching at tuition class), I keep thinking why don't I start my motorcycle and travel around at my neighbourhood area.
After sending my two little sisters to school, I went to Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua, which just take me 20 minutes ride from my home.
At 7am, there is nobody there, so I can take a lot of beautiful picture as I wanted.
After taking several pictures of the river and the scenery, I put my phone a side and lay down at the river side while my legs in the water. It is quite relaxing situation.
Suddenly, there is two little puppies came near to me. I'm not scared but I just need to ensure it does not come to me and licked me.
After half an hour, I wondering why there is still no people come visit the area.
Then comes a woman with a baby who lived there and asked me whether I slept in a tent at the river side 500m from us.
Denying her question, I then asked her back how long has been this area empty like this.
She answered, "Usually there are many people came here and the visitor keep  decreased after the Ramadhan."
The woman who look likes on her 40s said she was the one who used to take car park payment from visitors.
Then I asked her about the new building which was like a cafeteria.
"The cafeteria was built months ago, but there is nobody wanted to open a stall here.
The electrical appliances such as fans and the water tank had also been stolen," she said.
She also said to me, the visitors decreased also because they could not enter the forest.
She said if get the opportunity, visitor can see a beautiful waterfall inside the forest, which jut 3km from the entrance.
Then, I spend time breakast at the small stall there before I back home and continue my homework and pick my two little sisters fron school.

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