#EATS: More Green for Healthy Body

In support Global Health Blitz, BMS Organics promotes healthy eating at its outlet located at Mid Valley.

The outlet has promoted eating with Green Monday and all-new menu to motivate Malaysians to appreciate green and organic meals to stay healthy as well as a timely prelude to create awareness on keeping good health in support of imminent global health campaigns which related health issues which could be addressed significantly by healthy-eating.

A healthy and balanced diet is becoming more crucial as an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, in Malaysia where good foods abound, it’s a challenge to eat healthy that paving way to unhealthy eating habits which trigger cardiovascular health setbacks.

As obesity and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise in the country, BMS Organics’ CEO Terry Lee reminded the most common health problems in the country are heart and cholesterol-related disease and stroke which mirror lifestyle problems like improper nutrition, bad eating habits, stress, lack of exercise etc. 

Many Malaysians are regularly eating too much and exercising too little,” he said.

“Eating less meat and more greens and in appropriate portions are a good start to keeping our body healthy. Eating more greens is not a huge life-changing or challenging decision but once you realize its importance, you should approach an organic lifestyle in baby steps relevant to your life – starting with your meals.

“Many assume organic meals or anything organic ‘must not be delicious’ due to the common perception that healthy food are unsavoury to the human palate. That is a misconception as many green or organic-inspired dishes can be really yummy,” enthused Terry.

On that case, he said BMS’ all-new green menu launched August 4 were showcased to the and public a “fashion show” with sporty-attired models presenting the new fusions of taste, ingredients, method of preparations and presentations. 

“This is to appeal to Malaysians to enjoy green meals in a more tantalizing, colourful, exciting and trendy manner,” he said.

The menu caters for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and kids’ meals to offer suitable and the right amount of nutritional needs for an all-day healthy-eating.

In fact, there are over 60 items on the menu at BMS Organic now.

Colourful and interesting dishes like Summer Grain Quinoa, Organic Harvest Salad, Fruity Nutty French Toast, Fresh Yogurt Dragon Fruit. Organic 8-Vege Rice, Lei-Cha Delights, Organic Curry Pot will surely captivate consumers’ hearts and satisfy their gastro experiences.

“The public can start enjoying these new green menus at all 19 BMS restaurants throughout Klang Valley,” he said added BMS is expected to open another five such vegetarian restaurants by end of this year.

To further motivate the public to eat healthy -- at least a ‘must’ for 1 day in a week --

BMS Organics has launched its “Green Monday” campaign where one can enjoy a green meal on Monday.

“Our customer will get the second meal for free and for member, they will earn double point when purchasing products on Monday,” he said.

Besides the green Monday privilege, BMS Organics also threw in additional incentives from August to December to support various health campaigns on the international arena. 

“BMS Organics will run other ‘green promos’ on international health days to mark their support for global health advocacy,” he said.

In the same event, BMS Organics’ nutritionist Tan Sau Pei also presented the benefits of eating green and gave nutritional insights into the new menu. 

Tan touched on a few areas of green food benefitting these modern lifestyle health problems like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke as well as share the unique findings such as how green foods / menu can help create better brain development and mental health, and some which can calm / nourish the moods and soul.

There are a wide range of products which are good to manage these health issues/diseases available at all BMS Organics’ 42 outlets. Amongst these products are O’ Forest Soylac , Biogreen Green Balance, Biogreen BG 100 Oat Bran Powder, etc.

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