#Lifestyle: Reveals Your Confidence With DASHING BOLD 2.0.

DASHING is proud to re-launch its Adventurer collection that includes deodorant, EDT fragrance and Roll-On to release the spirit of adventure in the Malaysian men.

Re-formulated fragrance which can last longer and give freshness throughout the day,  specially made for those who are active and love outdoor activities.


Since the beginning of time, a man was born with the rugged, smart and curious.

They will explore various ways to ensure that the adrenalin in him will keep flowing to tackle every challenge with absolute determination, strength and courage.

Therefore, as a brand that symbolizes the relaxed style, fun and confidence, DASHING always been part of the lifestyle of men in Malaysia.

As a manufacturer of a full range of men's grooming products, DASHING has create a masculine requirement for men who heading to the peak of their confidence in the quality and long-lasting fragrance.


At the same time, to maximize freshness and comfort, DASHING Adventurer introduce the latest innovations in the dynamic product range.

Unlike traditional deodorant spray, 'No Gas' Spray contains pure deodorant extract that has compressed and could benefit up to 750 sprays per bottle and can last up to 2 months.

In addition, besides 6-in-1 benefits, users can also enjoy the multiple fragrance and cost effective!

The fast drying technology also will provide a dry feeling under arm area and prevent bacterial growth in addition to providing all-day freshness.

"Dashing always at the forefront of innovation and we are proud to be the pioneer of 'NO GAS' deodorant spray in the Malaysia,"said DASHING Marketing Manager, Venkat Jangam.

He said, Dashing very excited to share this technology with its consumers, which showed that DASHING really cares about men needs and requirements.

He said, Dashing want users to feel the difference and get two times more benefits than regular deodorants.

"In this way, you can indulge yourself with the dashing adventurer," he said.


EDGE 2.0 is designed with 4-wheel-driven vehicle tires to symbolize the extreme sports and outdoor activities, in line with the characteristics of a true adventurer.

Compass designed at BOLD2.0 to generate persona of 'ready to move' and loves to get pleasure and explore something new.

DASHING Adventurer promised to released the traveler spirit with attractive masculine pent-up color palette -  blue, bright orange, red and green.


1. EDGE 2.0 and XTREME EDT 50ml - RM18.90 including 6% GST.

2. BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY EDT 100ml -RM34.50 including 6% GST.

3. BOLD 2.0 and EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY "NO GAS" Deodorant Spray 150ml - RM18.90 including 6% GST.

4. BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY  Deodorant Roll-Ons 40ml - RM6.50 including 6% GST.

This shows DASHING allows every modern man to express themselves and their faith in a reasonable price range.

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