#Travel: DesaStay For Millenials Generations

DesaStay promised to bring the Millennials generation in Malaysia and other countries who have never had the opportunity to get to know the way of life in the village.
This is because most people are born, grow up, go to school and work in cities and towns after their parents leave home to make a living in a long time.

Millenials generation is one of the important target group in the project DesaStay. This because they want to feel the  peaceful and teasing nostalgia atmosphere.

DesaStay want them to know that life is not just limited to large supermarkets, cinema services and gym as well as games in a smart phone or even gossips in the social networking site.

In the village, visitors is offered a variety of fun and rewarding experience such a peaceful life, happy neighborhood and work together with mutual consensus.

Here they have the opportunity to find out that there is another very lively wedding feast, and be immortalized with a very special village.

DesaStay is one of the innovative approach of the Johor State Government in the tourism industry which aims to meet several important goals.

1. DesaStay give domestic and international tourists the opportunity to understand the life in villages which is harmony, peace, unique and co-operative.

2. Life in the village giva a chanr  to visitor to know and understand the religion, customs, food and culture  especially the norms in everyday life.

3. Developing, rejuvenating and give a boost to the village and at the same time to remind that village not mean it needed to be urbanized. The peacefu and natural must be remained. However, the facilities and the infrastructure must be improved and developed according to the needs and potential.

4. This initiatives allows the villagers have additional sources of income. It can be a contributor to the economic prosperity of the villagers. With more income, the standards and quality of the villagers life they will be better and more prosperous indirectly.

5. Villagers wil become more advanced and competitive, more open and more self-reliant and less dependent on the government and any help as well as it will certainly teach them about the intricacies of the business, manage, and innovation and understanding of diversity.

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