#Travel: Free Entrance at 'The Malaysian Traditional Arts Showcase 2016'

'The Malaysian Traditional Arts Showcase 2016' promise three (3) programs that will be held for free at the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MATIC) starting August 19.

The inaugural program that will organise is under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia’s Transformation Plan.

'The Malaysian Traditional Arts Showcase 2016' that will be lead by Istana Budaya in collaboration with MaTiC is aims to introduce traditional culture and art to tourists and overseas as well as to contribute to the country's tourism industry.

Three programs that will be implemented is:

1. Makyong Malay Traditional Theatre (19 and 20 August 2016)

Malay traditional theatre, Makyong titled Dewa Indera Indera Dewa to be staged will combine elements of ritual, acting and dance accompaniment of vocal and instrumental music and songs. 

The theatre will use formal and casual conversation.

2. Malaysia Traditional Orchestra (OTM) (2 and 3 September 2016)

OTM will feature songs that composed based on a combination of uniqueness and beauty of diversity in Malaysia with the title 'The Colours of Malaysia'.

The uniqueness of this show is it will use a variety of Malaysia traditional music instruments such as the rebab, rebana, sitar, erhu, yangpin, table and etc.

3. The dance drama Princess Protection Plan (14 and 15 October 2016).

The dance drama, Puteri Lindungan Bulan will feature a variety of traditional dances that are often performed in the palace.

Among the dances that will be performed in this drama are Tarian Asyik, Tarian Terinai, Tarian Layang Mas and will be accompanied by ‘live’ traditional music.

So, do not miss the chance to see the performance. See you there!!!

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