#Travel: Great Potential For Malaysia Tourism Industry- Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin

Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin at the launching of Karnival Desa Stay last Saturday, (30 July 2016) Pix courtesy of Santai Travel

Tourism is one of the fastest growing and development industry and has great potential for success in the future. It is influenced by several factors and observation.

1.  Great impact and a large built-globalization

Globalization, as we all know, has changed almost the whole way of life. How we work and how we do business. Through technology and information, all we do is not only easier and faster. In fact, it is 'cost effective'.
Formerly, the cost to fly is very expensive. Many can not afford. Travelling by plane is seen as too exclusive and only for the elite and top leaders. Today, just look how everyone can fly. Fly cheaply. Fly easily. Fly frequently, to anywhere.
As well as hotels and accommodations. First of all, very expensive. Now, through the Internet, and access to information has created a wide range of open and intense competition. Boutique hotels, 'Air A&B', rumahinap, 'CouchSurfers' and other various specialty products began to appear. Not once again make a big problem and high cost.

2. Goals, ways and tourism product have changed and germinate.

Several years back, travel only for the rich people. Now, with the sharply rising of middle class, travel had been activities that can be done by most people. And most impressive, fun and leisure travel has become a lifestyle and characteristics of "Millennials"generation.
Travel, working while traveling, exploring new experiences and escaping from the work stifling routine for a while has become a trend and a habit for them.

Last year alone, there are 2.2 million domestic tourists and 1.1 million international tourists visited Johor. The figure is a dramatic increase of 15 per cent for domestic tourists and 7.7 per cent for international tourists. So this makes it a very important tourism sector, very large and very strategic. Even travel among the largest contributor to the GDP of many countries, including Malaysia. The position and the importance of the tourism sector has changed and become more critical and must be taken seriously.

Tourism today is no longer just visiting and taking photos in a variety of historical sites and interesting places. Its products have been diverse, dynamic and interesting. From shopping, to travel, to eco-tourism, to sports, religious and educational. Even the sick were now going to travel to get the best medical facilities! All of this makes any treasure, any tradition, any culture, any food, even the way of life of a society has the potential to be marketed and promoted as a tourism product. Because of the variety of human taste, complex requirements and purpose.

In connection with that, once headed the administration of the Johor State Government, I have advocated that the state must become a global tourism destination stakeholders.
It must be nurtured and developed. Become a huge industry, the mainstream industry and not merely inserts sector. It must be used to create more jobs and encourage entrepreneurship. In fact, it can be used as a strategy to reduce the gap.
So, that's why what we are doing today is very important. Because it is part of a larger agenda Johor tourism.

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