#Travel: ICAPP To Promote Malaysia Tourism Products

International Conference Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) delegations will be brought to sight seeing the nations tourism products during the conference from Sept 1 to Sept 4.
ICAPP Standard Committee, Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim said this is to ensure that they will come back to Malaysia for a visit.
"They will be attracted to this nation because they like to shopping and we will promote the places they can visit in future," he said at a press conference after Civil Defense Emergency Rescue Team - BETTER Nation (CDERT-BETTER Nations) Logo Launch and Associated Officer Appointment Event at Putra World Trde Center today.
"ICAPP main purpose is to ensure all the delegations attended at the conference will enjoy Malaysia and will come back here for travel," he said added in the mean time, they will also be brought to Mata Fair at the same venue of the conference.
Shahidan Kassim also added that several ministry including Ministry of Tourism and Culture will cooperate to promote Malaysia tourism products during the conference.
ICAPP will be attended by 85 propositions and oppositions parties from 32 Asian nations including African Union, European Union and United States.
"The Asian politic parties conference will also involving the nations that is in wars and scruffle," he said.

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