#Travel: An Opportunity To Fly 800 feet Above KL City

A MUST TRY: New attraction in Kuala Lumpur where you can have the opportunity to see city up to 800 feets.

Cempaka Helicopter Corporation Sdn Bhd (CHCSB) aim to make helicopter rides more accessible to International and local tourists alike while giving them the experience of a bird's eye view of beautiful Malaysia.

The company has organised KL Sky Tour (KLST) to provide a wide range of services including tours, corporate and VIP transfers and private helicopter charters.

Established since 2004 and have a current Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia (DCAM) for the Public Transport, CHCSB strives to be the best helicopter service provider in the Asian Region.

"We offer world class service combined with many years of experience in the aviation industry," said executive director Datuk James Ashley Greaves.

He said CHCSB's main office is located at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang.


"KLST is an initiative of Cempaka Helicopters in collaboration with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau (KLTB)," he said.

Due to its strategic location, James said the Titiwangsa Helipad offers a unique opportunity to provide International and domestic tourist a chance to see the incredible KL skyline all within a 6 minute ride making it truly accessible for a wide range of people with different budgets.

"We will also be offering 15, 30 and 45 minute rides for those with greater spending power.

"Our aim is to work closely with other tourism partner companies to develop this new product into one of KL's must visit attractions," he added.


Yes. It is safe because CHCSB has the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) which is required to the provision of scheduled of non-scheduled flights, as well as any aerial works including associated training and crop spraying by any aviation companies.

James said the Flight Operations Sector works closely with the Airworthness Sector as the scope of flight simulator performance.



1. Robinson R44


Crew : 1
Passengers : 3
Maximum capacity : 4
Maximum passenger weight per seat : 135kg per seat
Maximum passenger weight : 225kg
Engine : Lycoming IO-540, six cylinder
Cruise speed : 110kn (200km/h; 130mph)
Range : 300 nautical miles (560km; 350 ml)
Also features :
- comfortable leather seats
- panoramic view from every seat
- Air conditioning features front and rear ventss which circulate cool air throughout the cabin
Configuration: Tourist / Corporate

2. Robinson R66 Turbine


Crew: 1
Passengers: 4
Maximum capacity: 5
Maximum passenger weight: 400 kg / 880 lbs
Engine: Rolls Royce RR300 Turbine
Cruise speed: 125kn(144mph,231km/h)
Range: 325 nautical miles (375 miles,601km)
Configuration: Tourist / Corporate
Also features
- Comfortable leather seats.
- Panoramic view from every seat.


Tourism Industry Players can have the partnership benefits from KLST.

"They are allowed to sell out 'KL Sky Tour' flights on our behalf and can merge 'KL Sky Tour' with what they already have in thier tour packages to make it more attractive and we are willing to do the same, said James.

"We can work with the industry players to advertise their package + KL Sky Tour into our official website," he said adding this is for CHCSB's Platinum Sales Representative.

He said this partnership can create an unforgettable moments and experience for tourists and making a better tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur instead of makes more income.

CHCSB Platinum Sales Representatives (PSR)

James said PSR is entitled for a standard commission of 10% for the first 20 flights (each flight subjected to 3 paying passengers) sold within a calendar month and the commisions will be raised to 15% for any and all flights over 20 per calendar month.

"The settlement for all sales of flights are due and payable every fourteen (14) days (twice monthly).

"We will submit a monthly statement of commisions due and payable to "Sales Representative" with reference to the specific invoices on which the commisions are being paid for Inspection of Records," he said adding  CHCSB will provide copies of its current pricelists or brochures along with its standard terms and conditions of sale, as reviewed from time to time.

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