The first Cheer Pack in Malaysia.

The 355ml convenient pack of cellular functional water is specifically designed to retain all the health-enhancing and healing properties of the water has been launched in Malaysia.

Packed from VWA’s water ionizer, and has been proven and recognized as the world’s best by 3 independent research organizations, it has been a 
leading brands amongst others.

The 3 independent research organizations are Ionizers Research, and Water Ionizer Buyers Guide in the USA. 

VWA (M) Sdn Bhd the exclusive distributor for a series of water ionizers in Malaysia and Hong Kong claimed to aim a hit of RM 10 million sales by end of FY2016.

VWA Cheer Pack also has been certified by the Ministry of Health before it is made available to the public.

Dr. Samantha Ng, Founder and Managing Director of VWA said with Cheer Pack, consumer will be able to enjoy all the intended nutrients on-the-go. 

"The FDA approved special aluminium film packaging is made to retain the beneficial properties from the water while the entire manufacturing process is carried out in a clean and sterile environment,“ she said.

“We hope the launch of Cheer Pack will further instill the culture of drinking good water and educate Malaysians on the different types of our drinking water and benefits they can gain from each type of water,” she added.

As the sole distributor of the world’s No. 1 water ionizer in the region, VWA expects sales of Cheer Pack to reach up to 500,000 packs per month.

In Malaysian market alone, VWA is anticipating sales of RM10 million by the end of 2016, and will increase its production in the coming months to accommodate the demand the company expects from markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Middle East and other international markets.

“We foresee an opportunity to expand our business by targeting the mid-level income earners and health conscious consumers who are always on-the-go. It is also a business strategy to let consumer sample VWA cellular functional water, and be convinced of the health benefits to gain customers loyalty to the product,” added Samantha.

VWA has always been driven by dedication in innovation. The company allocated millions of dollars in research and new product development in order to constantly provide impetus and initiatives to influence human well-being.

“Korean FDA registered our product as a medical device (KFDA No. 2131). With this recognition, we aim to be the market leader for cellular functional water in Malaysia and in the region,” affirmed Dr Samantha who has been invited as one of the speakers for United Nation Conference in the third quarter of Year 2017.

Cheer Pack is now available at Vitacare pharmacy nationwide with retail price of RM6.00 per pack. The company also targets to have Cheer Pack available at petrol kiosks such as Petron and Caltex and Chinese medical halls nationwide by the end of the year.

VWA also distributes exclusively a series of world-class water ionizer machines with many international accreditations, some of which are used by celebrities such as Amber Chia, Sharifah Shahira, DJ NasT and Atita Haris.

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