#Eats: Street Churros- A Must Try At One Utama

I know it was impossible to take breakfast with a horseshoe-shaped pastry in Malaysia, however you can come and enjoy the crunchy, fried-dough pastry after taking meal as your dessert.

Let's hang around in One Utama first, taking your lunch in any of the restaurant in the mall, then go to Street Churros located at Lower Ground of the One Utama new wing.

Hey, instead of eat it as dessert, it is also can be enjoyed as a snack too.

In some European and Latin American countries, churros are savoured for breakfast, dipped into thick hot chocolate sauce and served with café con leche (coffee with milk).

Great right!

Let's back to Street Churros.

The churros at Street Churros are freshly made to order and as a result, always crispy.

In Malaysia, the café specialises in three types of churros, with the Original Churros -  dusted lightly in cinnamon, chocolate or grain. At only RM4.90, it’s quite simply.

Of course, no churros experience would be complete without its dipping sauces.

And Street Churros gives four yummy flavours - Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Strawberry and Blueberry, at an additional RM1.50 each.

Then there’s the “Filling-Chu”, which is for those who prefer their pastries with filling.

Crunchy on the inside, with a soft and gooey centre filled with a choice of Chocolate, Cream Cheese or Blueberry, “Filling-Chu” hits all the right spots and is priced at only RM7.90 each.

If you have a craving for ice cream with your freshly-fried pastry – because, who doesn’t? - you can try “Ah-Chu”. This hot-and-cold combination of churros and delicious soft-serve ice cream is a clear winner and priced from RM7.90.

The ice cream comes in a choice of four flavours, namely Choco Choco, Choco Berry and Strawberry, in addition to Plain Vanilla.

The café also features an exclusive range of Lattes – Choco Latte, Green Tea Latte, and Milk Tea Latte – as well as Fresh Lemonade and Passion Fruit Ade to wash down the churros.

With the first café in Malaysia just opened, Street Churros has set its sights on opening five more cafés in shopping malls across the Klang Valley by the end of this year.

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