#Sport: From Malaysia to Middle East

Hey guys, since October 8 every year is National Sport Day, I would like to share the activity I joined yesterday.

I have spent time for 3 hours to join MORSA (Malaysia Obstacle Race Sports Association) event at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

The obstacle race was not too challenging like Sasuke Malaysia that I had joined during Hari Belia  Negara few years back.

But what the best thing about this event is they encourage youth (boy or girl) to show their skills to finish up the obstacle race.

As usual I will fail at Monkey Bar obstacle. Hehehe.

Almost eight months I haven't joined such activities including exercise (jogging) as my time table is full until this year end.

The most memorable thing during this event is I have an opportunity to see with my own eyes an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MORSA and Saudi Malaysian Industrial Development Holdings (SMIDH) during the event.

The MoU is to promote Obstacle Race Sports and set up Obstacle Race Sports Associations in the Middle East.

Heyy... Middle East friends, let boost our passion in sports...

The president of Samyco Holdings Berhad, Dr Rashed Osman Joher said the MoU was made to increase the Middle East youth participation in sports by 10 percent in 2030.

I heard that their target is to increase from 20 percent to 30 percent youth participation in sport especially in extreme sports.

During the MoU, Dr Rashed has also said since Malaysia is a Muslim country which very strategic to be partner partner with.

Dr Rashed said they wanted to increase the involvement of youth to join extreme sports especially Obstacle Race Sports to support Saudi vision 2030.

Another thing about the agreement is to promote Islamic Sports among the youth in Middle East.

Dr Rashed said the agreement also to improvise the international sport sector to be more Islamic and we will make another OIC Sport games which will involve Islamic rule,and according to shariah law.

The agreement between Dr Rashed Osman Joher from Samyco and Alex Cheah from Malaysia Obstacle Race Sports Association has been witnessed by Chairman of Saudi Malaysian Industrial Development Saudi Arabia Shaikh Sa'd Msa'ed Lehyani.

This is an opportunity for youth in Middle East to join sports in future.
Good luck guys.

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