Aiman choose to have back his male appearance

It was hard when experiencing Gender Identity Disorder (GID). This is what happened to a young entreprenuer Nor Azieman Aziz (Aiman), 28 who decided to change his apperance back as a guy to have a better future.

Operating a company that sell health and beauty product, Aiman said he used to wear ladies outfit due to the feeling as a woman was more than been a man.

"However, I'm still a  transgender but right now I wanted to focus on my business with my original apperance," he said when contacted.

Aiman who used to be called as Zara Aziz

Formerly known as Zara Aziz, Aiman said he is one of the member of Transgender Support Team named BERLIAN.

"This support team is to help transgender communites in nation especially those who needed our help," he said whilst encourage the public to not harm the community especially those in the support team.

"We are trying to help each other to being a good person and advising each of us to be an entreprenuer and work at the proper company," he said.

Focusing more on business, Aiman said, he just started to produce Letops Beauty's products on October 2016.

One of the Letops Beauty products

He said the ideas of making the health and beauty products comes when he like to use natural herbs taught by his elders.

"The ingredients used was the same since 1950, which have been used by my grandparents and mother," he said.

He added, the support from his parents, beloved foster little brother, Saiful Bahrie has encourage him to be a succesful entreprenuer.

"I have opened other business before which is printing, onexox simcard dealer and Nasi Lemak seller (Nasik Lemak Bonda). And I am also a singer and actor," he said adding business is his passion.

Aiman added he used to represent Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan for Bintang RTM on 2007 but just managed stayed until semifinals.

For further information about Letops Beauty, can log on to https://www.facebook.com/lb.hq.5 or contact +6011-3992 0621 / +6019-919 5901.

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