#Motor: How To Take Care Of Your Motorcycle (SYM Bonus 110)

It was hard to get a your own motorcycle especially when you want to independent by your own.

So do I!

I have save for six months to buy a motorcycle, SYM Bonus 110.

What I do when I have a motorcycle is:

1. The first 1,000km, I will take my motorcycle to service centre to change the engine oil. Then every 3,000km.

2. Wash my motorcycle every week.

3. Make sure after wash your motorcycle, please put oil at the chain to avoid it from rust.

4. Always ask the foreman about my sprocket, signal and brake lamps.

These four step I regulaly done because I used to travel a lot.

The longest distance I travel using my SYM Bonus 110 is Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan and Kuantan Pahang.

Other than that, I go to event for blogging job. This has make me to service my motorcycle every 15 days. You can see how far I travel each day right?

So make sure your motorcycle can be used as you want it to be.

I used to ride 120km/hr because I believe my motorcycle can perform it without need to worry about it performance. 

But when ride a motorcycle, you must becareful a lot. You can caught in an accident when you make a simple mistake.

Like I did, I have ramped behind a car which wanted to cut the queue without using signal lamp.

So, I admitted at Hospital Selayang for a night and broke my left hand thumb.

This is what happen to my motorcycle after I ramped behind a Myvi. And yup, from red to blue.

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