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The Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA 2016) held on December 1 to 11, this year has attracted more visitor than expected.

Previously, MAHA started as a small event in Kampung Medan. Now, it is a big programme that has attracted huge turnouts.

During the 11-day event, there are 3.7 million visitors thronged at the festival with the theme ‘Our Food Our Future’ at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) Serdang.

MAHA 2016
Visitors still thronged MAHA 2016 during the last day

MAHA 2016 has highlighted the issues of food security and sovereignty, awareness on the enormity of the role played by the agriculture sector as the backbone of national development, as well as underscoring the importance defending food sovereignty as the basis of the nation’s power.

This shows that the future of Malaysia’s survival depends on the ability to achieve independence in terms of food production.

MAHA 2016

Additional information about MAHA2016, apart from local entrepreneurs and traders, this festival has also attracted the interest of companies from almost 20 countries including those from Fiji, South Korea, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Australia, Iran, Spain, Canada, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Tunisia to come under the Agro Trade International and Corporate Participation cluster.

MAHA 2016
The crowd at MAHA 2016

also saw about 1,500 stalls promoting agriculture and agro-based industries, showcasing different components of the growing industry.

MAHA 2016
Visitors that join soccer challenge in mud at MAHA 2016

The public has been treated to an array of activities and exhibitions during the event including performances by international and local celebrities such as Wali Band, Ramli Sarip, Akim and the Majistret, Shila Amzah and many more.

MAHA 2016
Visitors can buy anything at MAHA 2016
There are also has agro bazaar where the visitor take a chance to purchase fresh produce and unusual agro-products, handicraft and other items which are not widely found elsewhere.

Visitors also have a chance to look out for participating states that will showcase their own products in their respective pavilions.

There are 14 pavilions with a unique design to portray the identity, culture, exhibition and their
own food, which can be sampled by visitors.

To ease the visitor to commute at the MAHA2016, the organiser has provided 180 vehicles such as buses, trams, buggies and wagons to ferry visitors from the car park to any of the 20 designated stops. Other facilities include eight information counters located at strategic locations, 23 surau, more than 350 food stalls including food trucks and 670 toilets including those for the disabled.

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