Blogger VS Reporter

People always think that reporter and blogger is in the same line. Yes, they way is same but the different is on how they write. Both of it called journalist.

Here I want to share about being a Blogger and Reporter after I have been experience being a reporter and blogger.


They write what they feel about something they experience. They don't even simply copy and paste the press release.

Press release for them is just only a guidelines. Not type everything in the press release in their blog post.

That is the reason they need to write with their heart and emotion.

If they can't feel the product or things they want to write, they will stuck during write a blog post.

They also can simply write about something they don't like.

Such as the increase of Fuel Price. They can simply write bad things about the government didn't take care of the public by increase the fuel price. But do they know that the price of developed country is use the weekly review of fuel price? Which is not applicable in Malaysia.

And do they know if the government still apply the annual review of fuel price will make the country need to pay more when the fuel price from increase every week/month from January?

They can write like they are the experts but they will miss out the information about the real situation faced by the country.
(This is an example only)

This is the reason Blogger also known as Social Media influencer.


They write back what has been told to them without change the facts or the words they recorded.

It is more challenging than blogger, because if their article is not same with the person they interviewed , THEY CAN BE SUED.

They also can write an article from their point of view but it must be rely on the facts from the person with that can support their article.

Let say, a reporter want to write about Fuel Price Review. They needed to interview a person that expert about it (Oil and Gas Industry people).

Then they need to compare with other experts from the same industry.

Reporter also need to make a research about the article they want to write.

Sometimes it takes months to get the information for the article they wanted to write.

The challenging of becoming a reporter is when the company is tied with politics. They don't even have a chance to write bad things about the politicians which sponsored the company.

As example, if a newspaper A company was sponsored by the government, they can't write bad things about the government. It is also applied by the opposition newspaper.

That is what experience by Reporter.
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