#Career: Qwork For Gen-Y And Millenials


Having trouble to find out a part time job during studies?

No more "problemo" coz here is new website created just for those who are less than 35-year-old and still studying.

QWORK Opened an opportunities for Gen Y and Millenials to build up their career and working skills (Can click the pic to start register)

For instance, QWORK focuses on Millenials and encourages them to start their work experience while they are still studying since the platform matches them to flexi-jobs that fit their skills, schedule and location.

For Gen-Y  (who was born from 1980-1999), QWORK also helps you by upkilling your skills so it can be used in multiple industries as well as specific industries.

No need to worry, once hired, your boss will review your work. All the reviews obtained from these jobs are automatically aggregated on QWORK as a review-based CV.

Here is what Qwork chief executive officer, Kay Mohd Ali said:

"QWORK is commited in developing Gen-Y in many areas as they will start several employability projects with different partners using their location based prioritisation strategy."


Having a problem to find a good candidates for your business?

QWORK is a new online reruitment platform which has just entered the market since last June 2016.

It is hosting a Business Networking event to share with Small and Medium Enteprenuers (SMEs) and corporates on how they can assist them in matching the right skilled-personnel to their business needs.

Since they went on live platform, QWORK has garnered quite a huge database of potential workers to be offered to the Malaysian job market (which is you - the empoyer).

QWORK can help you by offering a soft-landing platform to try out workers/employees on part-time and flexi-mode to assess their capabilities before converting them to full-time workers.

QWORK is also one of the way to help you to reduce human resource management cost and manage turn-over in your companies.

With free job-posting on QWORK, it is really going to help you to identify the type of work in your businesses that can be done on flexi-mode, task or project based basis to keep your operational cost low.

The online platform also allows you to get big number of employees when you need it without the hassle of making one-to-one calls and manual arrangement. The time saved on this process can be used for more pressing business matters.

Employer can click on the pic to start hiring QWORKER


QWORK has created a profesionally made video resume, which is part of a project between QWORK and the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

The QWORK Vidzume, allows employers to better profile candidates prior to an interviewing process while simultaneously allowing students to stand out when applying for jobs a.k.a Qworkers.

QWORK aims for Qwork Vidzume and Qworkers review-based CV to be the tools use by employers and human resource personnel to replace interview session which will lead to a more time and cost effective hiring process.

Employers can also write review if the workers on the online platform so that effective and well-performed employees can be shared among the industries.

For more information can click:

Website: www.qwork.my
Tel. No: 03-4270 5218
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qwork.my
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qworkmy
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qwork.my


  1. qwork is another solutions for both employer and employee

  2. Memang bagus platform Qwork ni...Dila dah juga share dengan kawan2 yang masih mencari kerja... hihihi... thank you for sharing Khairul Iskandar Tajuddin


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